20 March, Tuesday

British Prime Minister urges Trump to keep Iran nuclear deal


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British Prime Minister Theresa May has directly appealed to the US President Donald Trump not to end the Iran nuclear deal, arguing it is "vitally important for regional security".
The Prime Minister called the US president yesterday evening after it was announced he will deliver his decision on his "overall Iran strategy" later this week.
US officials have said Mr Trump is expected to "decertify" the deal, having described it as an "embarrassment" and "the worst deal ever negotiated".
A Downing Street spokesman said that May had "reaffirmed the UK's strong commitment to the deal alongside our European partners, saying it was vitally important for regional security".
"The PM stressed that it was important that the deal was carefully monitored and properly enforced," the Telegraph cited the spokesman as saying.
Trump also faces growing unease within his own administration about his plans.

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