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IEPF Chairman's travel notes "Talking Stones" - first article "Shirinche Diary" - VIDEO


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"Eurasia Diary" analytical information gateway  introduces to its readers a series of travel notes of Mr.Umud Mirzayev - IEPF chairman during his visit to the provinces of Izmir and Ordu in Turkey.  The series includes interesting facts under the title "Talking Stones".

"I know the fact that stones speak. But I have never observed this miracle of stones before my visit to Izmir. The stones are like people. The stones can talk about the thousand years, a century of history. If you touch them they can turn into a living creature and as well as your interlocutor. I had such feelings when I was in Izmir. The most interesting fact was that there was a unique similarity between the citizens of the city and stones, mountains, raft rocks and monuments here. I felt this similarity most strongly when I visited monuments of Shirinche, Mother Mary, "Yeddi Uyuyanlar", "Efes". And that is why I want to talk about miraculous places in Izmir-Shirinche in this article.

According to Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 was forecasted to be the Judgment day and the end of the world. But some people thought that only Shirinche will be saved and nothing will happen. Therefore, at that time, the whole world's eyes focused on Shirinche. Some people even in themost remote parts of the world came here in order to "save" themselves.

I walked along all the streets in Shirinche inch by inch and made some conversations with old citizens of villages. They spoke about their lives and living conditions both in Shirinche and Salonika .Speaking about Salonika everyone proudly said that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was from here.

The most interesting thing is, as it seems, that those people have forgotten neither their ancient lands nor Greeks who moved from here. Shirinche became an unforgettable memory for me with its fresh air, water, dishes and as well as sweet accent of the people.

Shirinche in History

Expected "doomsday" did not happen but this village was not removed from memories as a mythical place. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit here each year because this village is really mysterious. In the nineteenth century, Shirinche was a Greek settlement consisting of 1800 houses and it was famous for export of figs .In 1923 Greek people were replaced with Turkish people. Since the 1990s the development of tourism began to rise again.

Some Greek houses still serve as hotels. Turks preserve Greek churches in the village as well. According to the local people of Shirinche, when they came to Shirinche, their granddads used to say "Well, betrayed us!".

Greeks who lived here before built the village with the same name -"Shirinche" . Moreover, it is thought that the grave of Mother Mary is also here. There is one more interesting village in Shirinche too . It was called a village inside the village. This organization was established for educational purposes. Mathematics village was its name. Nesin Mathematics Village is an educational institution founded in 2007 by Nesin Fund . Different and interesting exercises, lectures, seminars and camps related to the math or science are organized here.

In the end I want to express my gratitude to my friend Aykut Kefi who is the scholar and Professor of 9 Eylul University for this interesting information I have gained and especially for the pleasant impressions I have got. Without the help of my friend Aykut "Shirinche diary" would not be realized".

Please note that along with "Shirinche diary", Chairman of IEPF Umud Mirzayev ‘s series of travel  notes, namely "Talking Stones," include  also interesting articles about  his visit to other monuments such as "Efes", "Mother Mary" and "Yedi Uyuyanlar".

"Eurasia.Diary " gateway will share regularly these articles with readers .

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