17 January, Tuesday

Japan Gets Early Delivery of Apple's Latest 'Living Cat' iPhone Cases


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A Twitter user from Japan posted a photo of a “living cat iPhone case” which went viral – making thousands of iPhone fans and cat lovers alike completely jealous.
Japan is famous for its hi-tech gadgets and its affection to “kawaii” things. Both trends come together in this ultra-modern cat iPhone case which was unveiled on Twitter at the end of December.
​A cat owner posted in her Twitter account a shot of her pet clinging tightly to her iPhone with its furry paws, and wrote: “New iPhone Case”. To the moment writing the post has got more than 50,000 shares.
Since the brand-new device went so popular, its designer had to issue a caution warning that the case may occasionally bite the iPhone. 
​The phone-case kitty became internet famous, and now its other photos are getting hundreds of likes as well.


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